quality policy

Aviland 2001 Ltd. is committed to the production of high-quality products in order to win and retain its customers and satisfy the quality requirements.

Our goal:

  • Production and sale of fresh and frozen, whole and cutted poultry products, which have a constant quality indicator, are economically produced, and have a sophisticated and aesthetic package
  • Building on our commitment to quality, we gain the trust of our customers, and we can continuously raise the quality level of our products, which is the most convincing guarantee of market acceptance.
  • Environmentally conscious corporate management and sustainable development
  • Ethical market behaviour
  • Continuous development of the food safety and quality culture

To achieve this, the company’s quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • We define our production system in such a way that the basic aspect is the fulfilment of European (EN) standards (HACCP) and the achievement of customer satisfaction;
  • we regard the continuous improvement and development of our quality management system as a determining factor;
  • ensuring the continuous, optimal functionality of technical tools and equipment in order to produce economical and quality products
  • establishing and maintaining a permanent and mutually beneficial business cooperation with our partners and suppliers;
  • the correct advice of our consumers about the information of the product, in addition to ensuring traceability
  • continuous professional and quality training of employees, demanding quality work, including mutual trust, individual responsibility and encouragement.
  • Controlling the impact of the activity on the environment. Achieving continuous development regarding environmental protection while keeping pollution at the lowest possible level, and reinvesting a part of the income for development, in order to achieve sustainable development.
  • Ethical market behaviour with our external and internal partners, which we formulated in the code of ethics.
  • We continuously evaluate and plan the results of activities affecting food safety and quality culture.

In order to achieve the above, the Ltd. operates and continuously develops the ISO 9001, BRC quality management and HACCP systems.

Kerekegyháza, 10.01.2023.



Jeskó Zsuzsanna

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