Aviland 2001 Kft. is  one of the leaders in the Hungarian poultry meat sector.

Fat duck AvilandOur poultry processing plant established in 1991 in the town of Kerekegyháza in Hungary started its operation with culling broiler chicken. In order to cope with the continuously increasing production need a new production hall was established in 1996.

In 2005 the company by the renovation and updating of the available carving and packing premises and by establishing new cooling storage premises increased its technological level to a high standard in compliance with the regulations of the European Union. Export number adopted by the EU: HU 131 EK.

The family company restructured its slaughter-house in order to expand product structure and to enable culling and processing of ducks and geese. By the establishment of the liver processing unit the company was able to produce high added value Fattened duck liver, to vein and slice the liver.

The quick-freezing of the duck liver products takes place in a nitrogen chiller equipment.

Aviland 2001Aviland 2001 Kft. is striving to comply with the international and domestic requirements at an extremely high level, and in order to ensure this compliance it is manufacturing traceable, excellent quality and safe products by efficiently operating ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium) quality assurance systems and by complying with the HACCP food safety regulations.

We pay particullary attention to the field of animal health and welfare, to food hygiene and safety, and to production standards . We manage the whole integration from breeding poultry to delivery our quality product like duck liver and duck meat in different packagings based on our client’s demand.

Aviland 2001 Kft. carries out the culling of poultry feeding exclusively on Hungarian fodder. As a result our products due to manual processing represent high quality. The fresh and frozen duck products of the plant are available in the markets of EU countries, in Canada, Japan, Russia, Hong-Kong and in China.